The Knots of Islam

Assalam alaikum brothers and sisters.

Rasool (saws) has said in a hadith: "The knots of Islam will be broken one by one until each one of them is broken. The first knot to be broken will be the knot of ruling, and the last knot to be broken will be the knot of Salat." (Musnad of Ahmad)
The first knot of Islam to be broken was broken in 1924, when the knot of
the Khilafah was broken and the knot of ruling was broken. Then everything else from Islam crumbled from that day until today, where people are not even punished for not praying and people do not even pray.

The Kuffar realised that the power of Islam and the dominance of Islam come from the ruling of Islam. The British foreign minister, when he addressed the British Prime Minister shortly before World War II, was quoted as saying, and this is a true quote: "We must put an end to anything that brings about any Islamic unity between the sons of Muslims. As we have already succeeded in finishing off the Khilafah. So we must ensure they never arise again, unity for the Muslims whether it be cultural or intellectual unity."

And the foreign minister in front of the House of Commons after the Lausanne Treaty of July 24, 1924 said "the situation now is that Turkey is dead. And she will never rise again because we have destroyed her moral strength, the Khilafah and Islam."

Brothers and sisters this is the sad reality we are in. The knots of Islam are falling apart and the British were the ones who destroyed the Khilafah. And the situation we have today is that all over the world the Muslims are without a leader. They are without an Imam and they are without protection. And we find that because of this situation we are suffering humiliation after humiliation. And we
are suffering torture and we are suffering punishment after punishment from the Kuffar. And we have nobody to protect the honour of our sisters. We have no Imam to protect the honour of our sisters as we had the Khalifah Mutasim Billah.

When one Muslim sister was attacked by the Romans in the Roman city, one Muslim sister was attacked. She was not raped. She was not killed. She was not murdered. She did not have her throat slit, like our sisters in Bosnia . She did not have her baby
taken from her stomach, like the Muslim sister had in Bosnia when they were cut open alive. Nothing like this happened to her. Simply she was abused. And she shouted, "Ya Mutasim". And that is all she shouted. And the Khalifah Mutasim Billah, these word
reached him and he called the emergency sixth azan in the masjid and all of the Muslims gathered in the masjid. And they said, "what is the matter?" And he said that "a report has reached me that one Muslim sister was attacked in a Roman city." He
said "Wallahi, I will send an army that is so big that when it reaches them it is still leaving our base. And tell me the strongest city of these Romans and I will send the army to that city." This was the decisive response of the Khalifah. When the
honor of one sister was touched.

The British realised that this is the strength of Islam. So they destroyed
the Khilafah and they destroyed the protection for the din, when they ruined it and destroyed it with utter destruction in 1924.

So the situation today is that we became products of their colonization. We became products of their intellectual colonization, when they convinced us, as they indeed promised to convince us when they said "We must ensure that there never arises any
unity within the sons of Muslims", and they succeeded in convincing us that Islam has no system. That Islam has no ruling, has no economics, it has nothing to say about life's affairs. It's a religion.

And they convinced us of this and we became products of their colonization and followed in the footsteps of the Shaitan by following them in their kufr and following them in their Secularism and Capitalism. So this is the situation today.

The Quran was revealed to rule between mankind by what Allah has shown you. Not just to rule between Muslims. Not even to sit on the top shelf as it does today. Not just to be recited in the month of Ramadhan, which yes are very good actions but the purpose, which Allah has set for this book, is to rule between mankind. To take mankind out of the darkness into the light. The Khilafah ruling system, the ruling by the Shari'ah, the protection of the Deen is a Fard on every single
one of our necks. The fact that this is a Fard is proven conclusively from various evidences in the Quran and the Sunnah.

Every one of us here claims to have Imaan. Every one of us here claims to believe in Allah (swt), believe in the Quran. So we claim to have Imaan. But Allah (swt) swears, and He doesn't just swear on anything. Allah (swt) swears by the biggest thing any one could ever swear upon. Especially the oath of Allah (swt) who never breaks His oath. And Allah (swt) says "I swear by your Lord" He's swearing by your lord "They will not have Iman (they will not be believers) until they make you (O Prophet) the ruler over them (the decider over them) in that which they dispute." [TMQ 4:65]